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Abudu Productions: The Vanguard of Kenyan Filmmaking

Updated: Jun 7

Abudu Productions—you may or may not have heard of it yet, but I can guarantee that within your lifetime, and even your children's, this name will be on the lips of everyone across East Africa, all of Africa, and perhaps the entire world. Why? Because it’s spectacular.

In just under nine weeks, Abudu Productions has created nine short films, carrying the goal of creating 12 films in 12 weeks. This impressive output has launched a myriad of films into the creative atmosphere. Some of these films are available on their website, others on their YouTube page, and a few are top-secret projects reserved for film competition judges.

Abudu Productions on set with Ben Tekee

(Captured by Nelly Rom)

I had the pleasure of being invited to their most recent set as an observer, and it was incredible to witness a group of young filmmakers and enthusiasts creating with such professionalism. Call times were strictly adhered to, roles clearly defined, camaraderie and mutual respect evident, in-house catering provided, and the use of professional equipment. Their team exudes brilliance in every aspect, and it was an honor to be part of the experience.

Abudu Production Jettison Short film set photo

(Captured by Nelly Rom)

With only three films left to complete, the team is running a tight schedule to meet their ambitious goals. I plan to be right there to see them cross the finish line, knowing that it will only mark a new beginning for them. They are spearheading new frontiers for the Kenyan film scene, determined and unwavering in their pursuit of dreams. As a film student myself, I find it impossible not to marvel at the inspiration they provide.

Abudu Productions group photo

[Insert Image: A still from one of their films, capturing a pivotal moment.]

If you're a lover of film and a promoter of Kenyan arts and culture, follow their pages to stay updated on their latest projects. Abudu Productions is not just a production studio; it’s a movement. Their passion, dedication, and innovative spirit are paving the way for a brighter future in Kenyan cinema.

Thank you for reading. Peace!

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The purpose of this post is to promote the production team, to inform audiences who are interested in filmmaking about their existence and to celebrate the strides that this group of young filmmakers are making towards contributing to the Kenyan film scene.

Here's the original text:

Abudu Productions, you may or may not have already heard of it but i can garuntee that within your and your childrens lifetime its more likely that the entirety of reast africa, all of africa and heck maybe even the would will have it's name at the tip of their tongues. Why you ask? because its sick as fuck.

In just under 10 weeks the production has managed to create 9 short films with a target of completing one every week. A myriad of films have been relased into planet earths creative atmospher. some f them can be found here on this website, others on their you-tube page and others are super secret films that have been reserved for the gaze of skillful judges that are part of certain film competitions winner selection committees

I had the pleasure of being ivited to their most recent set as an observer and my goodness wasn;t it incredible to watch a bunch of young film makers and film enthusiasts creating with this spectacular medium in such a professional manner might I add. Call times, clearly defined roles, commeradarie and mutual respect, in house catering and professional equiptment. their team exudes brilliance by all accounts and it was an honour to be invited to be a part of that experience

with only four films to go the team is running a tight schedual to ensure they reach their ambitiose goals, and I plan to be right there to see them off to the fish line. As I'm certain that it will only be a new begingn for them. The fact is they are spearheading new frontirs for the Kenyand film scene, determined and unwavering in the continued persuit of their dreams. As a student of film myself, I find it impossible not to marvle at the inspiration they muster for me

If you're a lover of film and a promoter of the kenyan arts and culture, you can follow their pages here to stay in touch with more of thier updates

thank you for reading. Peace!

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