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All About Emails#1

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

6 Gmail hacks that will save you (I'm assuming you're logged into your email)

1)Get rid of promotional emails!

*First to prevent getting these emails again, you will need to unsubscribe from each email address that sends you these promotional emails. At the search bar, type "unsubscribe" and click enter. All emails that have this tag will appear on the screen.

*To individually unsubscribe from them, open and scroll to the bottom where the "unsubscribe" option is and click on it. It will take you where you can unsubscribe and officially stop receiving emails from them again.

*The good thing is that once you unsubscribe from a particular site or company then you don't have to do it again in their other emails. The bad thing is that if you have promotional emails from various sites and or companies then you will have quite some work on your hands.

*To delete these emails and declutter, type "unsubscribe" on the search bar and hit enter.

*If you're on your laptop or desktop then tick the box above to select all and click the delete button and all the emails will be deleted.

*If you're on your phone then you will have to select each email, first by long pressing on the first one then tapping on the rest individually. This will take a long time, so I advise you to use a laptop or desktop.

2) Undo an email before it is officially sent.

*Go to settings (top left on phone, bottom left on laptop)

*Search "undo send."

*Choose the timing

Next time you send an email it'll prompt you (for that period of time you chose) to "undo send" first just in case you made a mistake.

3) Schedule when to send your email.

If you want to look alert and functional at 7am, but instead you're sleeping, or you're really forgetful and you need to reply in time and save yourself the embarrassment then this is for you.

*On your laptop, click the arrow next to "send."

*On your phone tap on the three dots (top right)

*Choose "schedule send."

*Choose a date and time when the email will send itself. No more pressure

4) Snooze an email /set a reminder for later.

You know how you have to wake up, but you don't want to, so you snooze your alarms just for more sleep time?! Well, this is kinda the same.

So, you have an email you don't want to deal with now, what do you do?!;

*On your phone, long press the email icon (usually the letter on the email), tap the three dots that appear, and you will see option to snooze.

*On your laptop, go to the email (you don't have to open it) click on the clock icon (furthest right)

*Pick a time period or date and time for snoozing and it'll appear back in your inbox on that date.

5) Offline access

Did you know you can read and reply to your emails offline?! Here's h;w.

*Go to settings

*Click "all settings" then offline (to be faster just search "offline" in settings)

*Select "enable offline mail."

*Select various options to customize your offline access then click "save".

6) Structuring your email

Do you wonder when or who to cc or bcc?! Well same.

Here's the trick;

*Use "To" for anyone you are directly addressing in your message.

*Use "CC" for anyone you are publicly informing of the message.

*Use "Bcc" for anyone you're privately informing of the message.

If you Bcc and or Cc don't usually expect a response. However, Cc allows the direct recipient of the email to know who else has received the email. You can use Bcc when sending mass emails, for privacy of the email recipients and when you want to inform someone that introduced you to someone else of what's happening. (to be explored further in All About Emails #2).

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1 Comment

Dip Vulgar
Dip Vulgar
Sep 11, 2023

Spoken in true, clear and simple Geekanese⚡️

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