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Daiverse poetry by ngartia poster

The luminous and multifaceted Ngartia takes to the stage once again after a (near!) ten-year hiatus from poetry. Returning to his performance poetry roots, Ngartia’s long awaited and eagerly anticipated one-time - well, two-time, show, will give a riveted audience spoken word pieces spanning the length of his career, weaved together by live music.

This artistic reintroduction, in varied formats, covers a range of themes. It will be performed in English, Sheng’, and Kiswahili, assisted by the musical stylings of Chemutai Sage, Vini Ngugi (TLVSN), Timothy Arinaitwe (TLVSN), M³, Septad and Sho.

You can buy tickets here, for the first show from 2 pm, or the second show from 6 pm, on April 21, 2024.

The show will be directed by the talented Nyokabi Macharia, of Big Mouth (Netflix), Country Queen (Netflix) and County 49 (Showmax) fame, who is the actor, director, and producer behind Shorts From Africa. Producing the show are Shiko Ngure, and Ciru Njoroge.

Ngartia poet

Ngartia is a writer, actor and director based in Nairobi, Kenya. He started out in the performance poetry space and has found his way into Theatre, Film and TV. His work explores different ideas and experimental forms, mostly related to identity and historical placement. Ngartia co-founded the stage productions based on Kenyan History named Too Early For Birds. He continues to study expression through verse, fiction, and nonfiction through various media. To trap him, use music and Kenyan black tea.

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