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Nairobi, get ready for a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen in your life – and we’re not just saying that. Blooms In The Dark premieres in July for two shows only on July 13 at Braeside School – ok, so maybe it’s two shows that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Creatives Garage presents Blooms in the Dark, a lyrically theatrical adaptation of Thayù’s podcast of the same name. This anthology primarily features stories told by characters who live on the fringes of society—those who do not conform to societal norms regarding appearance, love, behaviour, and more…stories about your aunty being worried that you might end up as the crazy cat lady, and another about taking home KES13,369 after taxes, thanks to Zakayo (that’s crazy!)...or a story like that time your neighbours were throwing you knowing grins because of your squeaking 4x6 bed…tales of your pastor’s prayers being as loud as whatever he’s doing behind the toilet and slaps being served as plentifully as divorce papers! In other words, stories of real life.

The performance explores intricate themes such as sex, governance (cough! Finance Bill), religion, and traditional culture, exploring critical questions like what it means to be African, what inclusivity actually looks like, and who a good leader should be.

In these stories, the audience is confronted with the challenges and triumphs of individuals navigating their identities. Although fictional, these depictions lay bare the harsh realities and societal struggles of the people the characters represent, through acting, poetry, music, and dance. Blooms In The Dark narrates the quest for belonging—a universal pursuit where individuals find solace in religion, academics, home, or, within themselves.

This powerful performance is brought to life by an award-winning quartet of an all-female crew. Written by Thayù and directed by Thayù and Wanjiku Mwawuganga, it is produced by Hellen Masido, and stage managed by Chadota. The cast features an ensemble of acclaimed talents including Muthoni Gathecha, Riki Gathariki, Tana Gachoka, Koome Kinoti, Joseph Obel, Brian Njonge, Njeri Gakuo, Seise Bagbo, Rian Msani, and Faith Rose.

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