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Jake the Human

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In the quiet moments of self-reflection, Jake found himself grappling with a pattern that had woven itself through the tapestry of his relationships. Love, a complex dance of emotions, seemed to elude his grasp, slipping away like sand through his fingers. The echoes of failed connections reverberated in his mind, each one a painful testament to his struggles with maintaining the bonds he so earnestly sought.

His friends, with well-intentioned concern, had often urged him to reconsider his choices in love. They'd argue that he deserved better, that the people he chose weren't right for him. Despite their advice, Jake held onto his decisions fiercely. The pain that followed each breakup, the emotional wreckage left behind, became a familiar landscape of heartache.

The most recent breakup stung the most. He had believed in the possibility of enduring love, pledging to weather any storm that came their way. Yet, here he was, alone again, grappling with the harsh reality of his failed commitment. In the aftermath, regrets and self-blame clouded his thoughts. He acknowledged the role he played in the unravelling of love, an admission that carried the weight of missed opportunities for reconciliation.

More than this, Jake grappled with a deeper fear—that he might only find solace in loving his ambitions, for they were steadfast and wouldn't abandon him, no matter how many times he betrayed them. The realization struck him with a painful honesty: he wanted to love, but he felt utterly inept at it.

His friends, happily navigating the complexities of long-term relationships, stood as a stark contrast to his own struggles. The juxtaposition painted a portrait of Jake's own shortcomings—selfishness, deceit, pride, and an unwavering stubbornness that resisted sacrifice.

Yet, in the midst of this internal turmoil, a flicker of self-awareness emerged. Jake recognized the need for change, an acknowledgement that love, like any skill, required learning and growth. The challenge ahead was daunting, and the scars of the past were still fresh, but perhaps in facing the darkness within himself, Jake could find a path toward the love he so desperately sought.


Authors note:

Hi, my name shall remain a mystery till the end of time, and it's a pleasure to have you read my stuffs. I’m an artist investigating the potential of generative AI to improve writing and readability and in all my works I use a combination of my writing + Chat GBT #fortheplot.

The writing in Black is everything AI generated and the writing in orange is my own

Here's the original writing and the prompt I used for this story:



Help me write a short story for my friends blog based on what I share. The story is a slef-analysisi about how the love I choose never lasts.

I can't figure out what's wrong with me. I love the people I choose to love but it never lasts. and i used to hate them for it, or at least my firends did, they always said I could do better or they were't right for me but god damnit I dont care because I chose them but i ended up hurting all of them or they hurt me and things ended. even when we said it wouldn't end, when we promised we'd stay together and ttry to work things out and this last time hurts the most because I really thought to make it last. I really wanted to do whatever I could to make that the outcome but here I am, a lone again. I'm bad at this. keeping love. being kind long enough for people to stay with me. I had a really good chance to start again and i ruined it because i said an off handed comment and couldn't put my pride aside long enough to make amends and I think I deserved this outcome. to be left behind and abandoned because my belfs and the things i said hurt them, no one has to keep up with my bulshit and I'm glad they had the strength to walk away  from it and try for something better but I'm so hurt by it. I'm hurt that I\ve been left behind by something i tried to love, I don't have the strength to try again, I don't want to but it feels like I don't even have the strength to maintain something good, to keep it and to nurture it and to be gentle. I don't now if I have what it takes to stay in love with another huann being, it doesn't feel like it. And I'm scared for myself and for my sole that I may only love my ambitions because they annot aboando me and they will not leave me if I betray them, as I often do to people. I just want to love but for fucks sake I'm so bad at it, I have such a bad history with it, while my friends juggle 2/4 year + relationships, I'm just juggling myself. This tells me of my selfish nature, my hurtful and deceitful nature, my prideful disposition and a stubbornness that knows no sacrifice. I don't want to be that character but what else can i say that i am given my past. I want to love but i don't know how and no one will stand to teach me because I'm not even sure that I would stand to listen if they tried. I'm ready to give up looking but even then i feel i may still find a way to hurt the things I already have

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