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magical ecstasy

In a land of lollipops and lemonade lakes,

Where dreams dance and daybreak,

Lived a lanky lady with a longing heart,

To embark on a voyage, a fantastical start.

With a flick and a fling, she dove down deep,

Into an ocean where wonders sleep.

Bibbity boppity bubbles buoyed her high,

To the surface of the sea, where seagulls fly.

(Tool: | Prompt: optical illusion ocean adventure seahorses crabs whales)

But the journey had only just begun,

For the wanderer sought to bask in the sun.

She soared through the sky, with a skip and a swoon,

In a world where the moon hummed a mystical tune.

Through cotton candy clouds, she soared with glee,

In a sky painted with hues of jubilee.

Higher and higher, she climbed without care,

In a realm where magic filled the air.

With a twirl and a whirl, she touched the stars,

In a cosmic ballet, free from earthly bars.

And as she gazed upon the world below,

She knew in her heart, she'd continue to grow.

For in this land of whimsy, where dreams take flight,

The wanderer knew, everything would be all right.

With a heart full of wonder and a spirit so free,

She'd journey on forever, just her and her glee.


Authors note:

Hi, my name shall remain a mystery till the end of time, and it's a pleasure to have you read my stuffs. I’m an artist investigating the potential of generative AI to improve writing and readability and in all my works I use a combination of my writing + ChatGPT #fortheplot.

The writing in Black is everything AI generated and the bits in orange are my edits.

This piece is inspired by an excerpt from Nichole Wachera's poem "Before I Die"

You can learn more on her Instagram @not_waceraa or email


Here are the prompts I used:

First try:

write a short story based on this excerpt from a poem written by Nichole Wachera titled Before I Die :

"I want to sink further into

The depths of the ocean secrets

And kiss the slimy eels and

Burst through the shimmery surface"

The story should be extremely descriptive, describing a series of scenarios experienced in the mind of someone with a hyper-imagination. Things within the story should be random and fantastical with an ending that's stupendous!

Second try:

try again using a sort of dr. sues style

Third try:

more alliterations and repetition of rhymes within a sentence plus made-up words like bibitty boppity boo etc

Here are alternative AI-generated images:

(Tool: | Prompt: fantastical ocean adventure seahorses crabs whales)

(Tool: | Prompt: fantastical alice in wonderland like ocean adventure)

Analysis of challenges:



Gender bias and the insistence on a male protagonist for the story

Limits in adding features without specifically mentioning a name/object

Limit in creating made-up words to enhance creative writing

Trouble creating realism on human features

Analysis of successes:



Generating an entire fucking six stanza poem from a single one

Beautiful selection of gorgeous neon colours

adapting to different styles after a mention of an irl comparison

An ability to improve the images generated after multiple attempts of the same prompt

Variety in the creative style of images

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