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the birds like him

In the heart of the countryside, where the rolling hills met the endless sky, there stood the grand estate of the Ketepa family. And amidst the vastness of their sprawling acres, there lived a man named Velyn—a botanist whose love for nature ran as deep as the roots of the towering oak trees that adorned the landscape.

Velyn had grown up in the countryside, her childhood spent wandering through fields of wildflowers and exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of the forest. It was here, amidst the rustling leaves and the chirping birds, that she had learned the secrets of the natural world—how to coax a stubborn plant into bloom, how to decipher the language of the animals, and how to find solace in the solitude of her surroundings.

(Tool: | Prompt: a gardener and a colorful bird sharing a moment at an opulent estate)

So when the opportunity arose for Velyn to work at the Ketepa estate, she leaped at the chance. For here, amidst the vast expanse of land that stretched as far as the eye could see, she found echoes of her childhood home—a reminder of the simple joys of life in the countryside.

From the moment she arrived at the estate, Velyn felt a sense of belonging that she had never experienced before. The gardens whispered secrets to her as she tended to them, their fragrant blooms filling the air with the scent of summer. And the animals, with their curious eyes and playful antics, seemed to take a liking to her from the very beginning.

People often remarked on Velyn's uncanny ability to communicate with the natural world, calling her a modern-day Dr. Doolittle or saying that she had a green thumb for gardening. But to Velyn, it was simply a part of who she was—a natural extension of her love for all living things.

And so, as Velyn wandered through the gardens of the Ketepa estate, her heart filled with a profound sense of peace and contentment. For in the solitude of her surroundings, she found a kind of beauty that was both profound and deeply personal—a beauty that spoke to the very core of her being.

And as the birds flitted and fluttered around her, their colorful feathers shimmering in the sunlight, Velyn couldn't help but smile. For here, amidst the beauty of the natural world, she had found her true home—a place where she could revel in the wonders of nature and embrace the blissful solitude that had always been her greatest comfort.


Authors note:

Hi, my name shall remain a mystery till the end of time, and it's a pleasure to have you read my stuffs. I’m an artist investigating the potential of generative AI to improve writing and readability and in all my works I use a combination of my writing + ChatGPT #fortheplot.

The writing in Black is everything AI generated and the bits in orange are my edits.

This piece is inspired by an excerpt from Yvonne Mwangi's short story "The Last Days Of My Grandmother" and in it, I found a sense of healing. I'd encourage you to read it too, should you get the chance.

You can learn more on her Instagram @wanjareeh or email

and you can read more of her works on her blog


Here are the prompts I used:

First try:

Make something out of this excerpt from Yvonne Mwangi's short story "The Last Days of My Grandmother"

"The birds would settle on her head when she was still. And when she was walking, they would amble behind her. It was amazing really. Looking at these small creatures follow a human being like she was their own mother."

Second try:

I'm not feeling it. Make this the story of a botanist hired to tend to the gardens of a rich family's mansion of thousands of acres and their comfortable loneliness in their sacred relationship with flora and fauna

Third try:

no, i'm sorry i find this writing so boring and predictable. make it more profound. why does evelyn have to come from a city? why can't she come from the countryside and that was part of the reason she agreed to work there, because the vastness reminded her of home. also where she learned all her skills with plants and animals. and why can't she enjoy her loneliness, in fact, call it solitude, let her love her solitude and when I read about what you write about it, let the writing make me feel like I want it too, let it make me feel nostalgic for Evelyns fictional world because of how relatable her feelings are. and don't let the birds be a sudden appearance, make it a part of her world. you could even turn it into a thing about the peculiar ways animals have always taken a liking to her and how people might have said she has a green thumb for gardening or something. this could be a beautiful story without a plottwist and me, as the reader, could just revel in the fact that i got to have a glimpse of this wonderfully written fictional experience about a girl who got to explore her love of nature and dedicated her life to it in the blissful solitude of a rich families estate

Here are some alternative AI generated images:

(Tool: | Prompt: a gardener and a colorful bird sharing a moment at an opulent estate)

(Tool: | Prompt: a gardener and a colorful bird sharing a moment at an opulent estate)

software analysis:



the volume. There were soooo many options to choose from

the quality. the images aren't as clear

Quick load time. It says 60 seconds but it's more like 30

the precision in relation to the prompt. it skips essential details

It leaves a watermark. I don't really mind since my content is research-based but I can imagine this inhibiting the quality of work for an AI freelance artist or something

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